My hope is that enough folks are interested in buying the book so that costs are minimal for everyone. I would hope for $100 at most and a book that would sell for, say, $25. But that depends on APUG members.

Forget 100 or 200 books. We received an estimate for 500 books. It seemed high. I forget the numbers, but let's say it was $10,000. We then asked for an estimate for 1,000 books (same book). The estimate was something like $10,500.

It will be up to the APUG community to support this. If not enough folks can afford $100 if their work is selected and not enough folks are willing to spend $25 for a book of excellent photographs by other APUGers, then this is a good idea that should be forgotten.

In evaluating photographs, visual concerns always are the most important things.

You all would have to trust that the selection would be well done. Before anyone sent prints I would try to explain what I am looking for (nothing merely pretty for starters).

Cost for an 11x14 scan? Not sure. But I suggest, unless it is an 11x14 contact print, that you make an 8x10. We can scan an 11x14. We have all of the equipment, including one of those balanced lights that you find by presses in print shops for properly evaluating tones and colors, and want to make this aspect of what we do a commercially viable activity. (I do not do the scanning, our assistant does and he has met our very demanding standards.) But we are now trying to finish construction of a large space dedicated to all things digital--scanning up to 20x24 originals and making large prints. But we cannot do that quite yet. Please know, however, that we are building a second darkroom and every negative we decide to print does get printed on Lodima paper. That will never end for me. But making large prints--up to eight-feet long from my 8x20s--that requires digital stuff.

Michael A. Smith