Back in 2002, before I was a serious photographer, I got married and used Elegante Wedding Photography (a Kodak franchise, I gather) to shoot our wedding.

When we ordered, they said they keep the negatives 'forever'. To be fair, we ordered the prints two years after we got married. In fairness, the pictures were fantastic. Anyway, they went bust in 2006 - I gather they were considered to be a bit of a plague in the wedding photography industry.

Anyway, my wife and I want to have one of the prints enlarged, nearly 10 years later!

Though the print looks great, and is a 10" x 8", knowing what I know now, I'd rather have an enlargement done from the negative.

Does anyone know if the negatives of weddings shot by Elegante Wedding Photography will still be available today? If so, from whom?

Many thanks