Thomas: Getting the color right on your toned prints:

Do you calibrate your monitor? Monitors need to be re-calibrated every day. Much as I hate digital stuff, I had to learn that these things needed to be done. Fortunately, our assistant knows how to do it.

Reproducing heavily toned prints absolutely accurately could be a problem. Do they get printed in four-color or in gray scale? If there were a whole book of them, it would be easy, but just a page could be difficult.

Other: Received a PM. Suggestion that everyone be able to submit more than one photograph (since most cannot properly evaluate their own work). My response:
"Sure, submitting even up to half a dozen would be okay since you put it that way. I was more interested in making people be more careful and having to put more effort into thinking about their choice." That's the teacher in me.

No limit on media (type of prints), cameras, etc. All that should be represented is good work.

Well, yes, it is sort of a contest, although I did not think of it in those terms. But many contests require a relatively steep entry fee. Here there is none. There is no other way as I see it.

The alternative to a "contest" is to reproduce everything that is submitted--the bad as well as the good. And while that has merit, too, mostly it is financial, as the more photographs reproduced the less money that would be needed per person. But would doing that serve APUG well? I do not think so. Seeing one's work in a book of all submissions would just be something ego-gratifying--everyone could say they were published, but really it would be meaningless.

If the membership wants to go that way then, to keep the book to a reasonable size, I would recommend photographs on facing pages. Forget the bios and artists statements. As an APUG member, I will be submitting a print of my own to the "contest" book (and, yes, getting accepted by myself). For a book reproducing one photograph from every photographer, I would not.

If there is not enough good work, and if there is a strong feeling that all submissions get reproduced, I will bow out, since I am only interested in making books of good work. In that case, I would, however, be willing to consult with whoever takes over.

Michael A. Smith