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Thomas: Getting the color right on your toned prints:

Do you calibrate your monitor? Monitors need to be re-calibrated every day. Much as I hate digital stuff, I had to learn that these things needed to be done. Fortunately, our assistant knows how to do it.

Reproducing heavily toned prints absolutely accurately could be a problem. Do they get printed in four-color or in gray scale? If there were a whole book of them, it would be easy, but just a page could be difficult.
That's just it. I'm not very interested in the digital domain, so I don't do the color calibration, no.
By the time we get around to looking at submitting work, that may well have changed. I just wanted to know what my options were. If the book gets printed in grayscale, I'd rather submit a work that hasn't been toned.

Thanks again for taking time,

- Thomas