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What a shame. It was the go-to place for photo students at OCAD.

Their colour processor broke not too long ago and they are not going to invest in its' repair due to the fact that they are closing. It was cheap, only $2 for a roll of 135. Alot of students like us will now be out of a place to process C-41.

This will hopefully strengthen the case now to introduce hand colour processing at my school, not just B&W. The profs there have shyed away from it citing it was too dangerous and difficult when it really isn't.

So what's left of C-41 in the GTA? I think Downtown Camera still does C-41 but is more expensive. Henrys might, but I haven't checked (I think they send their stuff out), and maybe a few pro labs (again expensive) and minilabs which are quickly being phased out.
Around Mississauga/Brampton, the Loblaws Superstores(e.g., Brampton, Erin Mills and Winston Churchill)are still running their Frontier labs. The Ertin Mills lab will process 120 C-41 but bring your own sleeves.