Memories are made of this . . .

Everyone finding a comfortable position in the living-room. You can feel the excitement in the air.
Grandpa (me) extending the silver screen into position, and forgetting how it snaps into place, followed by Grandpa speaking in a foreign language.
The sound of a high speed fan.
The distinct smell of overheated wiring and burnt electrical windings circulating throughout the room.
The sound of gears and levers shuffling another slide behind the lens.
The silhouette of a small human on the screen, followed by . . . That's me! That's me! That's me!
Grandma laughing, and Grandpa saying . . . "How the hell did that slide get in there!"
The blinding light that comes after the last slide in this carousel has been shown.
The occasional loud "POP!" and everything goes dark, followed by Grandpa using words in a foreign language, again.

:-) I do love slides.

I have exposed about ten rolls of ELITE Chrome 100 this year. It only costs about $5 per roll to have them developed and mounted here locally. For family snap-shots and the memories that accompany them, it's worth every penny.