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I am glad that both Matt and 2F/2F clarified this for Allen. Rather than rehash what they said in a different way, I will just add that not only do I agree with them, but I do the equivalent thing, as I posted earlier in post #7, by setting the internal light meter of my SLR to the box speed and meter with the filter on.

Allen, since IR film gets expensive, please feel free to ask questions.

Steve's approach most likely reflects the fact that he shoots IR film in an SLR, and therefore has to take the filter off to see anyways.

Whereas I use a TLR, so the R72 filter stays on the taking lens while I compose using the separate viewing lens. I'd use the same approach with a rangefinder camera.

One caution though - the spectral sensitivity of different meters varies. So if two photographers are metering through their filters, even if the light is the same, the meter readings may differ.

As a result, each photographer needs to experiment with their meter and their filter, their work-flow, their experience with lighting conditions and their particular aesthetic preferences to determine what will work best for them.

Oh, and bracket.