Ditto for a field camera. Unless he needs a long bellows or larger shifts a field camera should fit the bill. I've used a Toyo field camera for many years. It has ample bellows length, some rear extension for a little added length and I have an add-on rear attachment that adds approximately 6 inches. The camera less lens folds and it is not too heavy. A sturdy tripod regardless of the selection should be on your list. For landscape a 90 or 120 wide angle lens such as the Nikkor (W or SW series) should give more than ample coverage and work for closer work. The field camera would set up quicker and is more convenient when traveling. Remember you will also be carrying film, film holders, a changing bag, focusing cloth, cable release, light meter, some filters and a rule or some way of figuring exposure compensation for bellows extension and maybe some other odds and ends. A proper case or backpack to carry it all. --- did anyone say point and shoot still works for some?