Intend making some next weekend if the rod arrives before then. The permanent pigments (see Nadeau) can be had at paint mixing places. CMYK seperations can be made (without photoshop) using Gimp with the Seperate+ plugin and turned into halftones using the newsprint filter. Contrast is then not a variable, leaving only exposure/pigment load to get right. Registration is another story but I will try a big carpenters square to to get started. I am going to try the double transfer system in Tod Ganglers videos so I dont stain the final support with my screen printing sensitiser. Apparently registration can be a problem with single transfer except with something like yupo which is reasonably dimensionally stable. I am not shure that halftones are the way I want to go but it is a good place to start exploring. Non CMYK prints can also be made using duotone and tritone seperations and halftone negatives, without the frustrations of curve building so its a process worth exploring. Obviously QTR curves or real negatives are the ideal.