i think it would be great to have several different options available as well ...
while i would see a beautifully made coffee table book
a low-end/entry level ( less $$ ) POD version would be a great option for people
who don't have a huge budget AND it might allow those who aren't part of the apug community
and who may have an interest in traditional photography / imagemaking in an all digital world find and buy the book, and maybe realize APUG exists + become subscribing members.

i have no doubt that michael and paula have great critical eyes and will no doubt make a beautiful book ... they have already made many beautiful books ...

maybe the low-end POD book can get others involved as well who are also
part of the apug community.
2F/2F mentioned something about the freestyle board, who are also ( like michael smith ) educators
and artists. seeing freestyle is also a pillar of the apug community it might be a great thing to get them involved as well ...

unless it might seem like too much of a competition between the 2 different publications / books