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Well, my cards went out two weeks ago but it appears only two people have received them so far -- don't know why the post is so slow! (I haven't received anything either in that time frame).
mooseontheloose, your postcard arrived within 5 days as to be expected I guess as Japan is just above Oz. Spectacular image - 'dreamy'.

Another 3 cards have arrived since the 11th.

HPulley - 2nd colour post card to arrive. Just like I read earlier it has a vintage look. Wish I was there.

ccross - Flowing Hair, opps water. Great image. I was surprised to see that this card got throught the postal system. Every corner dog eared and the card overall somewhat 'scrunched'. But it got here and after a week pressed in a large book it has almost come back to a good flat image.

MattKing - Life Rafts. A picture that make me think of my childhood days when I sold papers on the street corner just down the road from a travel agent. They always seemed to have large cruise posters that forever changed on the wall just behind where the agent sat.

I am halfway through printing all my images so mine will go out right at the end of the month at the rate I am progressing.