I'm almost afraid to log on to APUG because things keep switching back and forth (both in this thread and behind the scenes).

If you recall, earlier I suggested that there be an extensive survey (not an APUG-style survey, something off-site that is more comprehensive) to see what the majority of people want. There seems to be a lot of interest in the book (based on forum views) but only the same handful of people keep posting, so it's difficult to guage what the membership as a whole wants. I was (am) willing to create this survey adding in all the information that has so far shown up in these posts (type of book, price range, submission guidelines, etc). In fact, I have already completed a small trial survey but the way this thread was changing direction towards a more high-end book I thought to back off. But now I'm back.

What I am asking right here, right now, is whether or not people think this is a good idea. I could have the survey up and running by the weekend (hopefully trialed by a few people here first), and then we could have it run for a week or two. After that, we could make more concrete decisions on how to go forward -- pdf, POD, book (or combination there of). I mean, personally, I like the idea of a 10th anniversary fine art book going forward, in addition to an annual (POD) yearbook. I don't think that they would necessarily compete with each other. However, that's just me.

Side note: I am only interested in getting this survey up because I think it would be a useful, quick, and hopefully painless way to get some concrete answers that we just don't get in "discussions" on forum posts. But other than that, I do hope that people with the real expertise will use that information and make things happen (although many thanks to Joel and Michael for their contributions to this already).