I've always just let the prints dry naturally overnight. They're not dry, through and through, but they're dry to the touch.

I sandwich them between two sheets of clean, white craft paper and two sheets of clean matte board. I give them a good five minutes at about 225 F or 110 C. Hot enough to make any water still trapped in the paper turn to steam but not hot enough to damage the paper.

When you take them out of the press, leave them in the "sandwich" and put a heavy book on top of them until they cool. If you make two sets of sandwich boards you can do them in assembly line fashion.

The only time I have moistened a print is when it has been troublesome and won't flatten the way I want it to using my regular method.
Carefully moisten the paper by wiping a damp (but not dripping wet) sponge on the back of the print. Dip the sponge in clean water. Wring it out until you can't wring out any more water. Carefully wipe on the back of the print. Flatten as above.