Comments on some cards that arrived before I headed off on vacation three weeks ago now.
They just surfaced in my ‘stuff’ as I was filing prints that came in after I was back from holidaying.

Semuese - ‘Rocks at Gilbert’s Bar’- A nice cross processed image. I have fiddled around with this process adaptation in the past. I have found that you pick one thing to have a ‘real colour, and everything else is some wonky way off colour . Your example shows that this is not always the case. The cyan shifted sand seems to work alright here. The image is also very nicely framed and sharp as well.

J Rollinger –‘Pinky and I’- A neat, abstract image that works visually. It also has me guessing technically how you made it.
It looks to me like some kind of a dark room, and triggering of a flash while the lens was held open to do the lighting. I can imagine the two fingers that are visible being part of the hand that was holding a flash trigger. The lens shutter does not have a ‘time’ setting like a view camera shutter, as far as I know. I cannot see a cable release in the front shutter release. So how was the shutter held open?
So perhaps a black string on the vertical shutter release, triggered by your foot, etc? Then that would allow ambient lighting of the scene. Or maybe the string holds the shutter open, and the light is from a flash after all? Very intriguing.

Roger Thoms – ‘Yard Office’ Nice symmetry. Maybe very slight, but not objectionable, vertical convergence distortion. Good tonality in the highlights and shadows. The distortions in the reflections of the image shown in the door window panes is a neat twist.
I might have placed the highlights to be a bit brighter, but if this sits on the waterfront there is a good chance it was overcast from the seemingly everpresent fog/low cloud that SF bay near the coast is famous for, and the slightly grey whites are thus appropriate.

Sorry for the delay in posting my comments.