It's as it usually is, and the predictions were correct, that you can't please everybody, and nobody ever agrees on everything at APUG. Surely you had to expect some political bickering to pull a project like this off, with a collection of strongly opinionated people here (including myself).

I think the idea of an APUG book is interesting, and I have publicly thanked Michael Smith for taking the time to sum up what needs to be done for him to put the book together.
Does that mean that it is the only way we can do this? I think not. And even though Lodima Press is an excellent contender for doing such a book, don't you think we should explore other avenues too? That's like buying a car looking at one brand only! And we're looking at only the Rolls Royce.

If I had any expertise in how to put a book together, I would not mind dedicating some time to this project. But I don't. So I would make a big mess out of it and nobody would thank me for it.

What I opine is that there are quite a number of people in the world that can curate and jury shows. The Freestyle board has been mentioned as one contender, for example.

- Thomas