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I am simply taking control of the situation and moving this forward in the the way that has been presented as the most viable. I am not trying to be coarse and demanding but I want to create a book plain and simple.
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I have a plan and a direction let's run with it and see where it goes instead of standing around making noise and not going anywhere. The question you must ask yourselves is this, do you want a book or do you just want a really long thread discussing a book.
The core issue is you have a plan, it's not consensual and hasn't been freely discussed alongside possible alternatives

Yes there is a need for far better and more open discussion, so long threads. You've already done a good job of alienated two very active contributors to the board which I'm sure was not your intention.

There are other people on this board involved in book & magazine publishing as well as quite a number of graphic designers.

No attempt has been made so far to find out who else would be prepared to get involved either.