The Oly RC has a very sharp lens, though it's f2.8. I find the aperture control ring to be a bit problematic because of its size, but if you are on auto (shutter-preferred), it's not an issue.

That being said, I'd recommed the Olympus 35SP. Its lens is legendary, and its only drawback is that in manual mode the implementation of the EV system isn't the most streamlined. But it fits very well in the hand; not as small as the RC or RD, but a just right size and heft, IMO.

I would also like to try the Konica S2 or S1.6, and the Lynx 14. But SWMBO says no more camera-buying for now. For interchangeable RFs, I would be tempted to go the Zorki or Kiev route. If budget were not a problem, the new Zeiss Ikon. Hell, I'd probably sell some OM stuff to finance that. Did I just say that?