Let me just preface this by saying that I have absolutely no experience or expertise in book making, but wanted to add my two cents because I feel the tension growing in the thread and am going through this exact thing at work right now. I think we all need to take a step back and take a deep breath.

We have a handful of great ideas, a few people willing to participate, a bucket full of opinions, a task list as long as my leg and no one really steering the boat yet. From what I can see/read, there are all the components we need to make a book a successful venture with the people we have right here in this community. I love the passion to get this venture underway and get things done and I agree that things need to keep being pushed ahead. But, they need to be allowed to develop before forging ahead to the presses. It is too complicated with so many people/opinions involved to not allow the process to grow properly.

That being said, I would propose we redefine the direction of this thread (or create a new one) to generate ideas for the book (composition, layout, etc), resources for the book (those with expertise willing to help, those without expertise willing to help, etc.), rules for submissions, etc. It needs to be clearly understood the intent of the thread is NOT to question if the book is a good idea (the implication is that we are moving ahead) but to gather opinions on what will make it a product worth producing. Any comments not in that train of thought should be deleted. Then impose a deadline and allow the thread to runs its course (two weeks?).

After the deadline, compile the information and move ahead to the next step (maybe one of the items is to elect a small steering committee?).

I would love to see this move ahead. I will contribute what I can to the process and hopefully content, so I hope that if any feelings have been hurt or noses put out of joint they can be mended and not keep anyone from participating.

Again, just my 2 cents (plus GST for us Canadians).