G'day all!

I've come into a family treasure. Well, a family treasure for a photographer and wet darkroom freak like me. I've been given a box of miscellaneous negatives from at least the 1960's of family, including my father as a young man. A lot of the negatives are 4x4 and some other odd sizes, perhaps 126.

Now, I am not set up to do RA4 printing, nor do I particularly want to. I may end up changing my mind about that. I'm looking at doing some prints from these negatives though, and I'm weighing my options. I'm going to town myself on the older black and white ones though!

1) Scan the negatives and put them into a digital work flow. Pro - Need to buy a decent scanner that I can also use to scan my 6x6 and 4x5 slides. Con - Need to buy a decent scanner and do what I hate, digitally post processing photos.

2) Find some service that can deal with the odd by current standards size, probably wacky colour from an archaic film that has in no way been in archival storage.

Anyone else wound up with something like this, or know of someone to whom I could send a couple negatives to see how they come out?

Thanks all!