If you have quite a few of these negatives then setting up to print and process RA-4 makes sense in my opinion. If you choose to go digital, there are lots of headaches there. Ones that you will find difficult to control, not the least finding a suitable quality scanner. You should be able to get fairly close printing RA-4, but you might find there are some for which the color balance can no longer be corrected. In any case once you get into the project you can expect to be a fairly good color printer. What is the condition of the negatives? If you have a lot of dust, dirt, and fading evident then RA-4 likely isn't going to be suitable.

If you have only a few negatives--say fewer than 25 to 50--then finding a service bureau willing to provide raw scans might be your best option. Expect prices for quality digital scans of LF films to be somewhat high, maybe ten bucks a scan or more. Given the fact that you may have difficulty finding anyone competent and willing to take the time to produce quality RA-4 prints, and depending on your sensitivity to cost and how you value your time, a service bureau might be your best bet.