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What I had done in the past when these situations arise was to use Panalure and print them myself in B&W.

Perhaps Ilford or someone will come up with a substitute some day. If you do have a b&w darkroom, try printing them on some graded paper. You might good results.
Someday is the key word. Years ago I did some colour negatives on Kodak Polycontrast. I was less than enthused about the results. I'm planning on trying it again though.

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What is the condition of the negatives? If you have a lot of dust, dirt, and fading evident then RA-4 likely isn't going to be suitable.
Some are relatively clean, some are not. Some are scratched to hell, some are not. Typical for snapshots I'd say.

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In Sydney you can rent an Imacon/Hasselblad X5 I think it was (or a 939) for $60/hour, given the speed of which you can go through film on those things, it's very very good value for money.
One of my problems with analog photography in general is where I live. The closest major metropolitan areas, Halifax NS and Boston MA, are both about seven hours drive from me. I live on the Maine/NB border, but I share a border with the great north woods! Access to esoteric equipment is impossible. Materials is less so, what with the Internet and shipping thankfully. Thanks for the thought though, something to research and a possible excuse for a weekend road trip!

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Also no 3rd party will handle your negatives which is a big plus when talking about heirlooms.
If I could find someone who A) knows what a 127 negative is and B) has the capacity to commercially print it, well, those would be rare. I do, however, understand and agree with your point.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys!