Color printing is easy, room temperature pretty much the same as doing B&W aside from using a really dim #13 safelight. If you can do B&W you can do color if you have a dichroic head on your enlarger or color filterpacks. Kodak Ektacolor RA RT 10L developer and blix kits are available and cheap considering the volume you get. RA-4 paper is becoming difficult to get but Fuji Crystal Archive is still available new in cut sheets of various sizes or you can buy expired Kodak Endura or new rolls of Kodak to cut under the same #13 safelight.

Printing or scanning old color negatives will be challenging. Depending on how they were processed and stored as you say they may be faded and/or have color shifts. Getting negative carriers for enlargers or scanners with weird film sizes can be challenging but carriers are usually around if you look. Should be fun!