Once again: if enough APUgers want to buy the book, the cost will come down. I am hoping it could come down to $25. The $100 for those selected is just a concept. If 1,000 APUgers want to buy the book (and that would be absolutely ideal), it might be able to be sold for $15. And those whose work is slected might have to pay only $50 or $25. It all depends on the number of APUGers who are willing to buy the book.

There will be no profit in this. All money will go toward book production. The more folks involved, the less per person.

The only question is how to raise the money. By sales of the book is the best way. If 2,000 APUG members want to buy it those whose photographs are selected may have to pay no more than anyone else.

he numbers I threw out at first was a concept. Those are not real numbers that would be charged to anyone. I hope that is clear to everyone.

Joel said to send him prints. That is really a mistake. At this time better to send low-res jpgs (unless you do not have scans) by email. No cost involved in that.

I am willing to look at all work submitted and make selections at no cost to anyone.

Thirteen months is not a long time to put a book like this together. It is, in fact, a minimal time. Deadline for submissions should be September 30. Those who want someone else to do it: Get going NOW, or it will not happen.

Michael A. Smith