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There are so many variables that matters, agitation method, temperature and dilution. I got tired of testing developers, I settled on Xtol dilution 1:2 in my Jobo rotary system and do not plan to test more. I would rather experiment more with papers and paper developers, I believe there you will find the most visible variables.
Personally speaking, bearing in mind nearly 30 years of B&W silver printing and vastly more failures than successes the above approach is correct for long term success, IMHO.

Settle on one film, chemistry and regime of doing things, paying no attention to your neighbor until you can make educated assessments from your own experiences and results.

Consider this, when I / many of us began B&W negative making and printing there was no internet, no network of like photographers other than those in our circle of immediate friends with similar interests. We were left to figure things out for ourselves or take workshops with Masters who shared knowledge in that forum.

In today's world with the internet at everyone's finger tips and dare I say a host of photographers who like to expound about areas of photo they have only passing knowledge I think it especially prudent of those asking in general "which is better questions" leave themselves open to no real resolution as the general answers with run just as this thread has, everywhere.

2 cents, Cheers