There's something fundementally wrong with this whole idea at the moment, there's almost no support, particularly from the most active particitans of this forum.

It's not that it's a bad idea far from it, rather that the approach and manner so far has been disrespectful, and seems to be a personal project to be thrust upon us regardless of others comments or suggestions.

Quite frankly many of the more prolific posters (images as well) many of whom already exhibit or are published widely just wouldn't bother if it's a juried publication, that's from actual private discussions over the past 2-3 days.

My own view is that at the moment this particular project is on extremely shaky ground, it's ill concieved and has had no proper thought. I doubt as it stands I'd support it.

Don't take that as being against Michael Smith's offers for the publishing that's got to be a good possibility, however I would be vehemently against his having any part in selecting images.