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I remember reading an interview in the 80s with Brett Weston wherein he talked about switching from ABC pyro to a non-staining developer. (I'm not sure, but I think it was Ethol UFG). His point was that the choice of developer really doesn't make much difference. A fine printer can work with any negative. If Brett Weston didn't care, should we?
No, we shouldn't Time would be better spent learning from people like Bob Carnie and others about how to turn a good composition and a well processed negative into a winning print. Don't get me wrong, discussions about the choice of film developers are not a total waste of time but there is no denying that too many people regard it as a very important piece of the image making puzzle when it really isn't. You like Pyro? Great. You like XTOL? great. It's just a choice dictated by a few factors, but one of them isn't whether one is better than the other to get a beautiful print.