One thing to remember when hiking out with heavy equipment is that you have to hike back. A few years ago we were in Yellowstone Natl. Park and I went to Uncle Tom's Trail that takes you down along side Yellowstone Falls. When you get to the trail head there is a large sign warning you that if you have heart, back or other problems turn back. Although I am far from being a youngster I am in very good physical condition and figured I could always turn back. The trail becomes a series of stairs and it was quite easy going down with my 30 pounds of equipment in a backpack as well as my tripod over my shoulder. I was surprised there was no other people on the trail and happy that my wife decided to remain in the car and read. After reaching the bottom I found it was not the greatest vantage point for photographing. You know the rest of the story -- you have to climb back up. It was a huffing and puffing event being not far from a vertical climb. I did make it and was pleased that my cardiovascular system took it well. There is something to the observation that when no one else is on the trail, think twice.