Here's a second round, from a goofy little 6x9 box camera: the Conway "Popular Model". (Someone, I think on Flickr, suggested that this was "as opposed to their Unpopular Model, which didn't sell so well".) Fixed exposure, fixed focus, convenient built-in green filter engaged for all these shots, and I'm pretty sure it has a meniscus lens (with vignetting to match). I really like these older lobotomized cameras---they're a nice reminder that all our fiddling around with minute exposure details and complicated knobs is really a lot of elaboration on a basically very simple process.

This was also Rollei Ortho 25; my best estimate is that it was being shot at about box speed. I couldn't find a time for HC-110, so I extrapolated from the few dev times available for this film and went for 6:00, with no agitation after 4:00 in hopes of keeping the highlights from running away. Again, the negatives are very high-contrast, but I expected that. If you look closely, you'll see some very striking patterns of Newton's rings introduced in the scanning step.