I'm not an expert of product photography, and I only give you my sensations on looking your images. This is not "professional" advice, you certainly know more than me on this matter.

In the first image, the shape of the entire object is nowhere to be seen, even though there are three of them. One "shape" I would show in its entirety. I would also use less "water" (whatever you used to simulate water) to make the trademarks more clear, I would avoid stripes of droplets, and expose a bit more (or raise with "curves"). I would avoid colour in the reflection in the third object, both because it doesn't make clear what the real colour of the object is and because it makes the product name less readable.

For the second image, I would use a full bottle, because the way it is now the brand is not immediately recognisable. I would try also to lighten the liquid. That would involve placing some light behind the bottle (so that the liquid appears of its own colour instead of that of the background) and placing some diffuser on the right, and a light source behind it, so that its reflection on the bottle highlights the trademark.

Also, it is not clear if the matter on which the bottle rests is a velvet cloth. If that is a perfume, and that is velvet cloth, I would avoid "droplets". It's IMV either some form of "luxury presentation" (which does not involve water) or some form of bathroom setting (which does not involve velvet).

But if your client wants it this way, nothing to say, client is king.

I think I am going to set up a small "studio" for product study this winter, I think it is a very interesting matter.