Hello Peter,
I'm so happy to see you're still using Mike's lovely portrait shot in your avatar. You actually got a mention not that long ago when I was explaining to my cousin how lucky I was with your gift of the enlarger (and again just a day or two ago when mum and I were complaining of navigating the Nepean Highway stretch of the Mornington Peninsula over summer in less than an hour and a half!)
The camera fix wasn't too big a deal. It took a gentle tumble two feet to a carpeted floor, but the door latch catch still managed to break. I'd have had it fixed months ago but I accidentally stripped one of screws. It took me seven months to work up the courage to ask a local jeweler if they could get the screw out for me..... five seconds after that and I had the old latch out and the new latch in.
Happy to hear you're well


Now, about those Ted's gift vouchers. You were saying?