I like Micheal Smith's approach to the book, the Idea of those whose photo's are chosen pay extra for the book $25 to $100 and a lower rate for those who just want to purchase it for the fine Photographs it will contain. Don't care about a full page bio or statement for each photo but a name and title and short one liner on the same page under the image. Give a 2 or 3 month period to submit work from Subscribers only ( new or old),another month or so for Mr Smith to rummage through them,and announce the accepted images and start the ordering process. With in that period of time it would be able to figure if there is enough money and interest to proceed to the press,if there is not enough money or interest then Mr. Smith is only out his time that he has offered to donate. Don't know of any other high quality book maker to do that.
There are so many great images that have been posted here in the Gallery it going to be a winner of a Book, and allot of the photographers we have sort of know through our posts here on Apug.