I think you are taking this too personally,my comments are directed to
the single editor idea, if I had to go this way my vote would be that Sean would be the
one who choses the work, it is his site , he has put thousands of free , non chargable
hours into this monster called APUG.
I have met Sean, he is a pretty level headed dude, he has set up a pretty decent
community here , with the kind of people that could edit and send the selections off to you
or any other printer that wants to bid on the project.
I am sure you could edit a great book, so could I , I would not want to do this, see my earlier
post about hosting the APUG conference. It took a year and a half out of JD Callow and my life, pretty much worth the effort considering the long time friends I met, but I see this book idea as the same kind of undertaking and you will need time and patience to make it happen.

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I cannot understand how anyone could possibly think that their solarized prints would "automatically" not be considered if I selected the work. If they are good pictures, of course they would be included. I am not in the least interested in how photographs are made. I am interested in pictures. Good pictures. They can be black and white contact prints or enlargements, color work, transparancies or prints from negatives. solarizations, cyanotypes, daguerrotypes, wet plate, etc., etc., anything at all. In the final analysis, the tools and process used to make photographs matter not a bit. it is the picture that counts. Craft is certainly important, but craft is not the same as process.

Michael A. Smith