Bob, what I posted was not just in response to you but others who have stated the same. What I said was neither ment as a personal attack but as a question if I offended I apologize. I am jus befuddled at the response I have gotten over what I thought was a simple idea. Of course I would love to have everyone that post to the gallery be involved but that just isn't possible. The idea of having a panel decide doesnt seem plausible either as we cannot seem to get a general consensus among just a few now. I may be to close to this but the idea of having one qualified person deciding what should and should not go into the book seems the best so far. It would not be an enviable task as we have found so far. Not everyone would make the cut but that would not indicate their work is substandard but just that the curator had a tough job in deciding. That should not deter anyone from submitting, quite the contrary, they should just to have a hand in the creation of a book even if not chosen.

There is a vast wealth of talent here and I would like to have the widest cross section of talent as possible but as I have stated numerously, how do you know if you will not be in the book if you do not try.