Ian, are you saying that Sean doesn't have respect of the community? He has already stated that he has all confidence in Michael with Lodima press involvement.

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Michael, thanks for taking the time to write the above. I have several Lodima books, they are all elegant and beautifully printed to say the least. I am confident this project would be in good hands if Lodima was involved. Since this is such a huge undertaking it is easy for me to expect a publisher to maintain a high degree of control which is fair enough in my opinion. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and since the community will be involved I would rather they mostly work these questions out with you. They will be the customer. I suppose the sooner we can determine how many would pre-order the book the sooner we can determine if the project is viable. I am also seeing this as something that could possibly coincide with APUG's 10yr anniversary on Sept. 2012. I'm sure we'll be in touch if the community wishes to move forward.

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We can never go back to the beginning after we have been where we have been. Trying to start over from scratch is pert near impossible after all that has been said here. Who would you suggest head up another project? Why are you so vehement about Michael curating this? from what I have seen he is well qualified and well spoken for. I don't understand.