You should look at a workshop somewhere. I know Quinn Jacobson has moved back to Denver and is getting ramped up with a new studio and starting classes in there. Like Bob mentioned, Bill Schwab's class is also a good one I hear.

It is possible to get started with a few good books. The ones most people will point you to are John Coffer's book/DVD seris, as well as Quinn Jacobson's book 'Chemical Pictures' Buying Quinn's book also gets you access to his video series as well...

I started down the workshop path initially, but it was canceled so I went on my own way. To get up and running fast, you can alway use Bostick and Sullivan's kits. They work okay to get you going until you are familiar enough with the process to start mixing your own chemistry. Not a slam against B&S, but once I made this leap to making my own chemistry, the improvement in image quality was significant. As for the Rockland tintype kits... these are in no shape or form, wet plate kits. It's a psuedo tintype and has it's own look, and they are not that great from what I understand.

You can use a 4x5 and a modified film holder to make quarter plates and will get you up and running with minimal fuss.

For details on equipment, take a look at they can supply you with a modified plate holder, silver bath, and many things to get you up and running.