Someone wrote on this thread that they did not think their work would not be considered because it was urban architecture if I were the one selecting the photographs. I am not sure why you would think that. Do you think my interest in subject matter is limited?

Do you know that over my career I was commissioned to photograph five American cities--mostly recently Chicago--where I photographed only urban architecture. To this person: I probably have made more photographs of urban architecture than you have.

Often, because my first book, Landscapes 1975-1979 was awarded the Le Grand Prix du Livre at Arles in 1981, I am thought of as a landscape photographer. Nothing could be further from reality. I photograph cities. I photograph people--and have a book of portraits (The Students of Deep Springs College), with another book of color portraits on the way, eventually. All subjects are fair game, so no one should think I am only interested in landscape photographs.

Michael A. Smith