Ok, I haven't posted much here for a while but following this discussion and seeing requests for input from other apuggers, my general feelings are this:

My preference would be for a high quality museum style book and I like what I'm hearing from Michael at Lodima. I know it could be expensive and sounds a bit elitist but I'd like to see Apug and the craft of traditional photography presented to the highest order. I'm not so sure though about just one person doing the selecting. I'd have every bit of confidence in Michael Smith but couldn't there be say two other highly respected jurors to balance out the decisions ? As for the competition aspect, this is unavoidable but it would at least encourage people to put forward their very best work and be an 'aim' which is always good for ones own creative development. I agree with others aswell that this shouldn't be rushed, although to coincide with the 10th anniversary would be good.

I'm not though, against the idea of the other proposal to have a POD book which represents an overall picture of Apug members work and in which more people could participate. I just think it'd be nice to get a message out to the wider public perhaps, that traditional methods of photography can be truly stunning and a fine art top quality production with selected images in it would be the best way to get this across.