Mr. Smith, that was me. In retrospect it was an error to imply you wouldn't be interested in my style of photography. I was generalizing based on what I see in publications and galleries these days. The point I was really trying to make in that paragraph is that whatever the probability of acceptance of my work by a skilled jury might be, the probability of it being selected by an APUG gallery vote or panel of APUG "experts" would be significantly lower. It's just not popular enough.

In any case, my views are probably irrelevant at this point. I don't know what the goal of this project is. Is it an APUG anniversary book that, as someone suggested, should be content by people who have been subscribers for a long time? Is it supposed to be a book of high quality fine art that could come from anyone on APUG? Is it a book of photographs by the most prolific posters? Is it a book of the most popular images by some kind of vote?

Anyway I've never participated in a photography contest of any type so I'm not sure if this is something I'd want to try, but I'd be more interested if it was juried vs some other method.

Michael Rosenhek