Kodak negatives from the 60s and early 70 are C22, not C41, other brands used a differnt had other odd film types. I have a lot of similair color negatives from the early 60s to the mid 70 at which point my parents bought a Polaroid (sp?). They were kept by my parents in Los Vegas for a number of years in a uncooled storage room. Some were Kodak, other GAF, others not marked,may have been 3M which was the house brand at K mart where they shopped in the day. I attempted to print myself using R4, but the dyes had shifted color. I took some to a local color lab who color corrected with a minlab, others I scanned and printed at a Target or printed at home, cheaper at Target. My negatives are all 35mm just a 126. If your negnatives were not properly stored you will be better off buying a scanner and correcting in post rather than printing R4.