Mike not all the options have been looked into so it's still far too early to put forward possibilities for people to vote on unfortunately.

Even then the possible outcome could change depending on the numbers of a subcfribers participationg and potential sales. It's about building in mechanisms to cater for eventualities to ensure the project Joel has suggested goes ahead regardless.

If APUG subscribers control the project and the selection then if sales are too low for say a Lodima/MAS publication it's easy to switch to a different printer, or ven POD/Blurb. And no-one has approached equally good lower cost alternative publishers yet.

There's a lot of work needed and we must to have fully costed breakdowns of the alternatives that may take a week or two. We have nothing yet from Lodima Press, all the work is put out but there's APUG members who (work in that field) could do much of it at no cost and that's deliberately being over looked.

Let me add that nearly all the critics of the current proposals would like to see this project work, but with a new framework ditching some ideas trust upon it. It's an APUG project not one run by an outside company.