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but IMHO the most significant point about Pyro is it is a tannin developer. the hardening effect stops migration of the exposed silver which keeps our highlight detail very detailed.
Bob, could you elaborate on what this means when using non-staining devs?

I mean, say w/ d-76 or HC-110, are you saying while developing that the silver and image structure migrates in the highlights...? Do you think this have any correlation to the old practice of keeping the wet time of the film to a minimum (something that's been argued as false here, but which I was always taught..."don't let the grain swim around!")?

I ask, b/c there's a fellow I know and respect who runs very very very good film. He and I use the same dev, and when on rare occasion I've had him run my film, the one major difference I've noticed is how much sharper, acute in grain, and more tonal separation, he achieves in the highlights and say zone 7 and up.

I've often wondered what the difference is in how we handle the film...and I thought he may just develop to a higher CI more aggressively, but your above statement about silver migrating in the highlights made me wonder if there could be other things at play.

Apologies for derailing the thread!