Thomas, Bob, Sandy, et al

Silly me, I am puzzling out the advantages and disadvantage of replenished XTOL and Pyro, and looking for simple straight answers [Queque Music: The Impossible Dream]. I am particulary interested in Rollo Pyro, but I can't find anyone with experience with that product. Therefore, unless someone knows specifically about Rollo Pyro, I will make the perhaps invalid assumptions that basically all pyros are similar [Am I wrong?].

Fine Grain, Good Shadows, Avoid Blown Out Highlights, Good Tonal Range

I keep hearing conflicting answers on staining.
One camp with Per, staining is proportional to exposure, use it.
The other camp with Sandy King [correct me if I am wrong], staining is uniform like a fog, do not use it.
This takes on the tidal pulls of a religious war, but both can't be right. What is your understanding? No, I do not have a density meter so I cannot measure this myself.

If I follow what has been said above:
Replenised XTOL Pyro
Flat scenes Yes No
High constrast Yes Yes
Bright Scenes -- Yes
Shadow Detail Yes --

I have Rollo Pyro that I will use in a Jobo processor. IIRC Per said that I do not have to worry about temperature:
two to four minutes in solution A
five minutes in solution B [developing until the extinction of A]
two minutes reusing solution A
two minute water rinse as stop bath
TF-4 or TF-5
PhotoFlo or equivalent
Hang to dry