The thing that bothers me a little bit about 3D is that now we have reached a stage in entertainment where we don't even have to use our imagination to view what's on screen. With standard two-dimensional projection at least we can sit and imagine a little bit, and use our brains. 3D, to me, seems to be a lot more about special effects than adding any real value to the movies, and I hope consumers are smart enough to realize it. So I sat down and watched 'Pecker' via a lousy standard DVD and our old 28" CRT TV screen, and enjoyed the hell out of the story.

Yesterday we got an advertisement in the mail from Sprint, the phone network provider, and the bragging point was that they now had 3D phones - my life like I had never seen it before! I laughed out loud as I saw it and shook my head as I am ever more mystified with the choices people make in what they spend their money on.