I think the magic bullet thing is totally dependent upon knowing what you want to do with your film and developer and finally your print. gaging the lighting conditions is most critical and then from there you can make educated / reasonable choice further down the food chain.
Like you I do not always use Pyro, in fact since I do a lot of solarization work, I prefer normal exposure, push process D76 to give me a more punchy neg.
If I am doing lith prints , I prefer a thin, but pushed neg in HC110.
I am going to give that Semi Stand treatment to a series of 8x10 film I am considering, if I make a mistake I will only be screwing up my own stuff.

I am also moving to a sink line for processing film which I want to hold in the air mid development and flash the negs,
My rotary system is great but not useful for this idea.

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Ha. Careful what you wish for. I have demons.

As an aside, though, I can completely relate to the 'naked bulb' in a room and pyro developers. I used Sandy King's Pyrocat-MC formula for a couple of years, and that highlight control was one thing that I noticed as an extreme strength of that developer.

The reason I stopped using it was that I had some problems with cross contamination and screwed up more than enough important negatives because of it. But I also don't shoot in very high brightness range situations, where the pyro developers will truly shine, so I went for something different.

- Thomas