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The only thing you can do is to try it for yourself. Set up your camera and shoot two rolls, bracketed, of the same scene of high contrast. Develop one like you always do in Xtol, and the other in Pyro. Print them and observe.
That's the key, regardless of how much scientific evidence you can find. Until you get it into your darkroom and work it out for yourself, you won't know how it'll affect your work flow anyway.

Xtol rocks. So does pyro. You decide how it rocks for you.

I'd just add that if Sirius Glass hasn't printed stained negatives before, it can take a little getting used to. So it might take a little practice before you can really decide whether or not to stick with the staining developer. The same goes for evaluating the negatives visually. You might look at the stained negative while it is drying and think you failed because it looks a little thin and low in contrast. That's how they are supposed to look. The printing paper sees the negative differently than your eyes so you really have to print them.