So... Let's kick around a couple dates here. Looks like I still have a lot of October open so almost any weekend will do. I'm already working on lodging possibilities... Hotel for those that wish that and camping for those that want to rough it. I'm also hoping we can make it a Thursday to Sunday meet due to the distance a lot of people will be traveling. This way we could have a full Friday and Saturday in which to shoot and explore. There's so much there that we could spend a week!

Initially I will throw out the dates of the October 6th - 9th. Traditionally around me in the northern lower, this is the week of peak Autumn colors, however up near Superior, it tends to come a little earlier. Still, I think there will be a lot of color for us if we go this week. Another option is the prior week, but that puts us into the end of September and a little close to my return from Iceland. it also might be a little early for the color as we've had such a warm summer.

Thoughts??? Once we come to an agreement that will help the most, I'll start a thread devoted to the shoot.

Thanks everyone!