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With standard two-dimensional projection at least we can sit and imagine a little bit, and use our brains. 3D, to me, seems to be a lot more about special effects than adding any real value to the movies, and I hope consumers are smart enough to realize it. So I sat down and watched 'Pecker' via a lousy standard DVD and our old 28" CRT TV screen, and enjoyed the hell out of the story.
If you like that kind of low tech approach and using your imagination, watch the movie Dogville by Lars von Trier once. It is entirely set in an empty studio, with a minimum of theatre stage attributes like a single door without walls, and simple white lines on the black studio floor depicting the different buildings in Dogville.

It was a revelation for me to watch that movie, as it is still entirely convincing due to some great acting work.

How much do you really need to make a good movie?...