Did no one else appreciate the anti-colonialist sentiment expressed in Avatar? Drivel or not, I got behind that theme.

No one has ever claimed that Hollywood's 3D movies are going to be more thoughful, more moving, more artistic, more enlightening, etc., solely by virtue of a third dimension.

I feel strongly though, that dismissing the vehicle (3D) instead of the passenger (the plot) is a mistake, and that's the case with all this 3D bashing. It seems like there's a strong negative reaction, and a voluntary lashing out that I just don't really see cause for.

I say let's just sit back and see what someone does someday with a 3D film. One of my least favorite things is eating crow!

Color was a novelty too when it came out, but today it's just standard and great movies are filmed in color. I see the same thing happening to 3D someday (if we lose the glasses... this is key).