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I have the same results as you, regarding the filters or contrast needed to print pyro negs, I have found a whole grade increase starting point. Yes, maybe a bit of a test.( funny though, when I told Sandy King this , he did not seem to see the same thing, but he is using Pyrocat and has not done as much silver printing as compared to carbon printing}
I would be interested in asking Steve Sherman this question.

Here is a silly observation that I have regarding unstained pyro negatives.

If you look at Richard Avedon's studio portraits of lets say the Duke and Dutches of Windsor or Marylin Monroe you will see lots of uneven backgrounds for one, but also the grain is very defined, I have always thought that his film for this time period was developed in Pyro and unstained- most likely triX.

Super sharp, but extreme edge sharpness on these portraits on grey background.
I am not talking about In the American West or his work on white backgrounds.

Not sure if anyone else ever noticed this and I wonder how he made the negs.
Good question.

Yes Steve Sherman would be a reliable source, particularly for Pyrocat. I have not personally used Pyrocat so I can't comment on the specifics of that particular developer. Not sure what kind of paper he uses (assuming he mostly contact prints).

Anyhow, interesting discussion.