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Not sure there is a straight answer since the imagewise stain acts as a variable filter, reducing contrast preferrentially in the highlights vs a standard printing filter that acts uniformly.

What I would say is that you'd typically want to give a pyro negative more development if you're planning to print on VC paper, than if you were using graded paper since the filtering effect of the stain is more pronounced with VC papers. This is why some folks advocate staying away from say small format pyro negatives with VC paper - because you need to give fuller development which counteracts the grain masking effect of the stain.
I'm beginning to wonder if there is a large difference between Pyrocat derivatives and pyrogallol based developers, grain wise. I have 16x12" silver gelatin prints on VC paper and FP4+ film, 35mm, where I have trouble seeing the grain a couple of feet from the print surface.
But the negatives seemed to print well on Grade 2 graded paper, but I had to jump to Grade 3 for VC paper for the most part using the same negative.

It is an interesting thread this, and I'm learning quite a bit about pyro developers. I might get some just for the heck of it to try in very large brightness range photos.